Every quarter, FinPro releases a report that details the current state of the economy, where the economy is most likely headed including "most likely" interest rate ramp scenarios, and base rate assumptions for betas, decays, prepayment speeds, current product rates, policy limits and regulatory news. This report is essential to every institution as it provides that basis for accurate ALM modeling and Interest Rate Risk analysis. It also provides industry wide insight due to FinPro's large and diverse client base.

Purchase of this product also provides access to the supporting excel file for easier use of the assorted rates and data. This allows an institution to easily compare industry data with their own and incorporate the industry data where applicable. This excel file will be delivered via email after the product is purchased. Please allow reasonable time for delivery.

FinPro offers a full year subscription to its Market Intelligence Report that includes invitations to FinPro's Quarterly Economic Webinars as a bonus.

Don't try and catch up after every market event and move in rates, buy FinPro's Market Intelligence Report: ALM Series and get ahead of the market today!

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