Institution specific training sessions are facilitated by the highest levels of FinPro personnel. The agenda is customized to the Bank and includes 20 modules, covering all critical issues involving the Bank. Delivered over a 48 month time frame on-site or at FinPro, the structure of these training sessions is determined by the Bank in order to accommodate directors’ schedules.


  • Customized training to meet the Bank’s specific needs;
  • Focus on the real world issues that are relevant to each institution in the current and future environment, not wasting time training on esoteric concepts;
  • Education based on the Bank’s actual financials;
  • Conducted over multiple days and not jammed into a one day marathon session;
  • Direct feedback can be solicited on issues important to the Bank;
  • Held at locations and times that are convenient to the Bank; and
  • Run by seasoned ex-regulators and/or experienced strategic consultants

Pricing varies depending on needs. Please call for pricing.

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